Behind The Brand

Introducing Rachel and Grant, the duo behind HARLOW HARRY. These two besties, united by their love of dogs and a flair for business, embarked on a journey to elevate the world of pet fragrances. Disappointed by the sprays available in the market, they rolled up their sleeves to craft a Dog Perfume collection that's unparalleled.

Enter HARLOW HARRY, a symphony of scents designed to appeal to the human senses developed exclusively and safely for your dog. The brand pays homage to their beloved pets: Harlow, Grant's Italian Greyhound, and Harry, Rachel's first pet, a Siamese cat.

To bring this vision to life, they collaborated with an expert manufacturing team and a fifth-generation Perfumer from Grasse in France, often hailed as "the perfume capital of the world". With such expertise at their disposal, they curated a collection of dog cologne that not only smells amazing (did we mention that Ruby Tuesday Matthews used half a bottle on herself before realising it was a dog perfume?), but are also gentle and non-irritating for your dog.

Rachel and Grant Harlow Harry - Behind the Brand

Meet Harlow, the glam little Iggy behind HARLOW HARRY. With her sensitive skin and love for cozy cuddles under the sheets, she's every bit the diva. We get it, sometimes fur babes bring a little 'eau de doggo' into our spaces - be it the bedroom, car, or office. That's why we developed a scent solution that's not just safe and gentle, but oh-so-luxe.

Our mission? To leave pups not only smelling runway-ready, but to also strengthen that bond between pooch pares and fur babes. Now, Harlow, along with thousands of happy customers, are turning heads and collecting compliments everywhere.

Dive into the world of HARLOW HARRY, where luxury meets love for our furry babes.