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Is dog perfume safe?

Is dog perfume safe?

Okay, fellow dog mums and dads, isn’t it just the ultimate vibe when you swing open the door and there’s your fur babe, losing their little mind with joy just for you? Instant mood lift, right? Whatever drama your boss threw your way, or that pitch doc that had you glued to the keyboard till the 11th hour, it all just kind of melts. That walk around the block? It’s not just their reset, it’s yours too. And then, it’s just you, them, the couch, and that well-deserved glass of red, painting the perfect chill evening.

When Wagging Tails Come with Whiffy Trails

We’ve all been there, right? That heart-melting wag of the tail paired with a...wait, what is that smell? Whether it’s subtly invading your living room vibes, prompting an emergency window-down situation in the car, or that awkward moment when your colleague is giving your pup love from a very safe, very arm’s-length distance, you’ve thought: There’s gotta be a fix for this, stat!

Between Baths: The Scent Struggle is Real

But here’s the catch: Over-bathing our fur babes can lead to dry coats and skin woes. With the vet recommended bath sweet spot landing somewhere between every 4-6 weeks, what’s a dog parent to do to keep things fresh in the interim? There’s got to be a chic, pup-friendly solution out there, right?

Spritzing Safely: Can Dogs Do Perfume?

Navigating the world of scents with our sensitive-skinned, sometimes allergy-prone pups in mind can be a bit of a minefield. Human perfumes? A hard pass. With their potent scents and potentially pup-harmful ingredients, it’s a no from us. Our four-legged family members need something crafted with their delicate senses and skin in mind.

Sniffing Out the Right Dog Perfume

Keeping your pooch smelling like the absolute dream they are between washes means choosing a dog perfume that’s gentle, safe, and formulated specially for them.

Enter HARLOW HARRY Dog Perfume. Crafted by a seasoned manufacturing team, stocked by vets, our dog cologne is designed to be a soft whisper to their little noses and a gentle hug to their sensitive souls, ensuring they smell as fresh as they are adorable.

Each spritz of HARLOW HARRY Dog Cologne is:
- Made in Australia
- Puppy friendly
- Vegan
- Water based and free from alcohol
- pH balanced for dogs
- Free from silicone, paraben, MCI/MI, fomaldehyde, SLS/SLES, phthalates and parabens
- Vet, groomer and dog approved

Explore our range of dog perfume and you can even pair it with our 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo in complementary scents for a silky soft luxe coat feel.

Soon your fur babe will be turning heads and getting snuggs wherever they go!

Not sure how to apply dog perfume? Read all about it here.

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