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Becoming a pooch parent

Becoming a pooch parent

With social distancing restrictions still in play, and everyone spending a majority of time at home, what better time to get a dog. The additional home time makes for the perfect time, to spend getting to know each other, training and bonding.

We believe that dogs are valuable family members who will be with you for life, so here are a few things you might want to consider before taking the glorious fluffy plunge!  

Do you own or rent?

If you rent, you'll need to reach out to your landlord and request permission to have a dog move in with you. If you are planning on renting long term (hello, Sydney property prices!!) then moving forward you'll need to apply for dog friendly properties, which seem to be becoming more readily available. Hot tip - create a dog resume complete with references, cute pictures landlords won't be able to say no to, and vet records - you'll be a shoo-in!

Have you done the numbers?

The cost of dog food, grooming, vet fees, health insurance, training, along with all the unexpected add ons, can quickly add up. Try adding an anticipated monthly cost into your finance spreadsheet to ensure sure you can afford everything your dog is going to need without putting you under financial strain.  

Which breed is right for me?

Consider the size of your home, if you have a backyard or balcony, how active you are, if you have children, and most importantly do your research. Different dog breeds require different levels of care and maintenance - Harlow vs Chew pictured above for example - one requires REGULAR brushing to keep their coat knot free and detangled (shout out to my husband for taking on that task!).  


Talking about overseas holidays might feel like a thing of the past, but if you are used to regularly jetting around the world or Australia, take a second to think about who will look after your new little buddy when you're on holidays. It's not always easy to find someone who is available, willing or who will care for your dog like you do. Don't despair, with the tick of a search filter, there are many great Airbnb and Stayz properties which allow dogs to holiday with you!  

As you can see, deciding to get a dog isn't a decision that should be made lightly. 
If you're still on the doggo bandwagon, here are just a handful of our favourite things about owning a dog:

  • Unconditional love (we're talking non stop puppy dog eyes) 
  • Utter excitement when you return home (play it cool, mate)
  • The perfect exercise companion (they'll never flake on you at 5am with a text) 
  • Best couch cuddle buddy (LITERALLY always up for a cuddle)
  • Forever friend (they'll never leave your side).  

After reading this, if you're totally on board, we want to take a second to introduce you to Pound Paws. They are a charity that re-homes pets available for adoption in pound and rescue centres around Australia. They offer custom online pet profile matches to help you find the perfect rescue dog to fit your lifestyle. We love what they do so much, that a portion of every Harlow Harry sale  is donated to supporting their cause. Visit for more information.  

If you've decided to get a dog, please email us at or send us a DM on Instagram @harlowharry. We'd love to hear your story, and see a photo of your new little mate - if you haven't noticed we're a little bit dog obsessed at Harlow Harry HQ.  

HH xx

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